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Buy local or bye bye local.

Support the local community.

Melbourne Christmas tree farm has been around for many decades and it was just a matter of time before the first official Christmas market started in 2018. 

Every season, 4 weeks before Christmas, a Christmas market is held with a variety of local store holders and a variety of locally made products. 

Come and support the local community by buying local or it will be bye bye local. 

Forest Green Market – Christmas Market Location

Forest Green Market is located at the Melbourne Christmas tree farm only about 30 mins drive from the CBD towards Ballarat.

Address: 319 Leakes Road Plumpton 3335 Victoria

The origin of the Christmas market

Christmas markets began in Germany in the late 1300’s to the early 1400’s. Often there was a sort of parade on opening night prior to Christmas. The celebration of Christmas during the four weeks of advent. This tradition continues now in Germany and many other parts of the world.

What exactly is a Christmas market?

The best way to describe a Christmas market is to say they’re kind of like a farmer’s market or a street market but it’s all about Christmas and gifts for Christmas. 

Most of the Christmas markets are open the 4 weeks of Advent, so they begin around 4 weeks before Christmas. 

Most of these Christmas markets emphasize traditions and customs of the local area. There will be stalls filled with local products and local artisans selling their wares. 

You’ll find a variety of food to eat as you wander through the market.

Festival music and dance is also often featured. And you’ll learn about some of the traditional Christmas customs and stories of the area from the stall holders.

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